"The kitchen as the heart of the home"

Many architects have explored the idea “the kitchen as the heart of the home”. This house follows the same principal with the island bench the generator for the overall living concept. Flexibility and orientation are key considerations with the front verandah, side courtyard and rear alfresco garden providing a range of varied aspects and environments to gather and relax. Cantilevered decks and the raised open living plinth separate, define and elevate spaces. The understated aesthetic is paired with warm materials and pure proportions to create an architecture that harmonises contemporary Australian family life with sustainable design.

Articulated to provide transition and protection

External Appearance

The U shape form distributes three main elements around a side courtyard and void as well as addressing the conventional front and rear yards. The two storey ‘heavy’ and more private side contains the garage, service areas, kitchen and bedroom spaces. The ‘Lite side’ is single storey and houses a flexible guest and 2nd living pod to the front, and living/dining plinth to the rear. All elements are cleverly articulated with awnings and decks to provide transition and protection.

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An abundance of natural light

Internal appearance

The side courtyard combined with the central circulation void orientates all aspects from the elegant large front entry room up to the vast master suite. The kitchen commands a key position as it faces the open plan living/dining plinth and covered alfresco garden adjacent. The plan efficiently colocates services including a combined laundry/pantry arrangement with convenient access to the side service path. Passive design including natural, cross-ventilation and an abundance of natural light create a warm, sustainable home.

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Design Overview

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Spaces & Areas

Jade has a total internal area of 280 ㎡. It includes 2 bathroomss, 4 bedrooms as well as 1 car space. Learn more about Jade's spaces and areas from the following interactive diagram.

Night AreasBedroom 110 ㎡
Building Orientation

Jade has been optimally designed for Western front facing properties. Good orientation will increase the energy efficiency of your home, making it more comfortable to live in and cheaper to run.

Optimal orientationFrontNorthSouth
Building Dimensions

General specifications

Cost & Specifications

Detailed specifications and cost estimates will be displayed here soon. Stay tuned or do no hesitate to contact us.

Detailed specifications and cost estimates will be displayed here soon. Stay tuned or do no hesitate to contact us.